My Programmer's Tool-Belt For Today

June 28, 2013, midnight

As I wrote about earlier on the MetaVoxel Blog, this was the set of tools I used to get through some programming today.

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MetaVoxel Fan Box

June 14, 2013, midnight

Some concept sketches for a new MetaVoxel game element. Read more about it on the MV blog here.

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Lisa, The Crazy Rocker Chick

June 1, 2013, midnight

What started as my official movie sketch for Rear Window became some crazy rocker chick with impractically long hair.

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Plant Girl

May 30, 2013, midnight

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Guess What? I live in the midwest.

May 27, 2013, midnight

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Third Day At Payne's

May 15, 2013, midnight

A few days ago I began my employment as a barista at the famous Payne's Coffee & Custard. First two days were pretty slow (thank god), but on the third day - I swear - every human being in Upland decided it would be a great time to stop by for a custard. I was able to stay calm, but it would be false of me to give the impression that I knew what the fuck was going on. Only with the help of my wonderful co-workers was I able to keep my head above das wasser.

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Jacquelyn Passes The Praxis II

May 7, 2013, midnight

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Thorn Pie Beatle

April 16, 2013, midnight

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