Taylor University Campus

Oct. 15, 2010, midnight

Some quick sketches of my beloved TU campus.

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Modified Crab-Skink

Sept. 20, 2010, midnight

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Chopper Guts

June 23, 2010, midnight

The beginnings of a watercolor I was planning to do for the man who taught me how to ride (and also from whom I bought my first bike). But three years later, it's still just a light pencil sketch.

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Mr. Stitch

June 13, 2010, midnight

This is a character from a crazy short story idea I had about a cosmetics testing facility hidden in the jungles of South America where an insane doctor under the employment of Millennium Cosmetics Corporation performs the unethical testing of new cosmetic products on volunteer patients who are led to believe they will be paid and given free cosmetic care.

Patient 932, however, escapes and goes around jumping on people and hyper extending their necks while screaming "SKREEE!" and salivating profusely.

This story, I realize, is a very stupid one. But before I lose all creative credibility in the reader's most valued opinion, please note that... um... actually, I can't recover from that. It's just a bad idea.

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June 8, 2010, midnight

Just messin' around with the ol' Wacom. I really don't like the way this... thing's neck looks. But whatever. It was more an experiment in coloration.

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A Bloody Mess

June 3, 2010, midnight

Wanted to be a graphic novelist, so I started sketching images based on ones from other artists. This was one of the first (based on something by Ken Sarafin). Of course, at that time, I was so bad at doing faces I decided to pick an image where most of the face was torn off...

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Dec. 15, 2009, midnight

I was inspired by the works of Natzke, a generative artist who works with Flash. Some of his stuff can be found here... You should definitely check it out.

Anyway, I've been stupidly postponing studying for my electronics exam tomorrow morning in order to work on my own generative art... Bad idea, I know. Study for school, kids, it's how you succeed... probably.

My program was basically a numeric particle simulation with two particles. There was an attractive force applied between them and towards the center of the stage, and their sizes were made to be inversely proportional to the magnitude of their velocities.

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Set Stone Ring

Nov. 30, 2009, midnight

I was amazed that a simple epoxy could hold a chunk of rock in a silver metal socket so well... I think I tried to pull it out after it had dried for a few days, just to test its strength, but I couldn't

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