Prominently Toothed Monster

June 10, 2011, midnight

Sketched this toothy little bastard for a monster diary blog that I was planning to make, but never got around to.

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Lollipop Time

June 5, 2011, midnight

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He Wants His Mommy Milk

May 25, 2011, midnight

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Bear Armed Puppy

May 22, 2011, midnight

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Puppy Eyes?

May 20, 2011, midnight

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Shoulder Philosophy (1)

May 15, 2011, midnight

I really liked the idea of having shoulder philosophers instead of shoulder angels. Maybe I'll take it further some time.

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Jacquelyn, From A Photo

May 6, 2011, midnight

One of my first attempts at drawing girlfriend.

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See Spot Run...

May 1, 2011, midnight

Girlfriend has this thing where if she's sad, all you have to do is work the phrase "dead puppies" into the conversation and she's back to her normal good-humored self. So I made her a card with (a better version of) this on it to cheer her up.

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