Optimism - Blog Design Update

July 31, 2012, midnight

Did some minor design adjustments to the Optimism blog, which I designed a few months ago. The biggest thing is a new background image with a star field and a laser bolt, both of which I did in Photoshop.

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Optimism - Component Design (3)

July 28, 2012, midnight

Some ideas for different component door mechanisms. Still haven't really settled on one.

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Optimism - Component Design (2)

July 17, 2012, midnight

Individual parts of the first component graphic. We probably won't end up using this design, partly because the corner mount points overlap when open (as you'll probably notice in the third tech demo), but mostly because it doesn't really fit the style we're going for.

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Jolle Phone

June 28, 2012, midnight

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Happiness Text

June 26, 2012, midnight

My frighteningly happy little vector art friend, originally for the front page of the (sadly failed) Happiness Text web app experiment.

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Optimism - Component Design (1)

June 12, 2012, midnight

We talked about it and decided against the idea of subdivisible components - that is, the idea that a complete part can be broken into unusable smaller pieces. It's a good thing I've got David to talk me down from these things - it would've added some complexity, which is something we certainly have enough of at this point.

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Optimism - Tractor Beam Design (1)

June 11, 2012, midnight

A concept for a tractor beam item in Optimism.

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June 9, 2012, midnight

Some design ideas for a logo for our new indie game studio.

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