Christmas Seal

Dec. 25, 2012, midnight

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Tideland: Dell

Dec. 23, 2012, midnight

I've been on a bit of a Terry Gilliam kick since my re-immersion in Monty Python's Flying Circus. I just watched Tideland which was, in my humble opinion, a brilliant piece of dark fantasy (a little bit of an oxymoronic phrase there :P). I needed to sketch a character so I settled on Dell, the deranged taxidermist who believed that if you never buried your dead kin, then they were never really gone - how delightfully strange :) . Anyway, this time I used a reference image for my character sketch, since the last one didn't turn out so much like the character as I'd hoped.

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Amelie Sketch

Dec. 20, 2012, midnight

The other day I watched Amelie, and thought it quite good. The characters have a kind of way of forcing you to feel inspired, if you are at all of the creative type, I think. Unfortunately feeling inspired and being inspired are different things altogether. But I decided that in order to help drive inspiration, I decided that every time I watch a movie, I need to pick a character, study them during the film, and sketch them afterwords. So I did this sketch. I'm afraid it looks a bit more like Paprika (also a lovely film) than I'd intended (a while back I got into this phase where I kept basing faces off of Paprika... I guess it's coming back).

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Dec. 10, 2012, midnight

I was gonna make this an octopus, but then I remembered that Girlfriend loves octopuses and hates squids. So, I figured why not cripple a squid instead? Besides, their weird phallic bodies are more fun to draw.

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The Sulking Wolf

Nov. 29, 2012, midnight

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JacJac Eats A Crocodile

Nov. 18, 2012, midnight

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Spaceship Mechanic

Nov. 17, 2012, midnight

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Metavox: Graphical Progress

Nov. 13, 2012, midnight

I spent last night and today making a texture loader/manager and integrating it into Metavox. To test it, I drew up a basic grassy-voxel texture. This system can also support animations, but I haven't drawn any yet (except for that weird little glowing blue bird, but I haven't tried using that in the program yet).

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