Texture Hunt

March 13, 2013, midnight

A couple days ago I went out for a walk with girlfriend to capture some textures for my graphics work on MetaVoxel. My hands just about froze off, but besides that we had fun poking around "downtown" Upland. Here are a few of the textures I got. The trailing couple of pictures are shots of some of the locations we went through.

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MV: Water Maze

March 10, 2013, midnight

The conceptual beginnings of a sequence of levels for MetaVoxel.

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Stett Gets Twitter

March 7, 2013, midnight

And then pretty much immediately stops tweeting.

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Wolf Dude

March 5, 2013, midnight

Started sketching this guy while in a meeting with some friends about a potential commission for illustrating a sweet new RPG game (!). This particular image has absolutely nothing to do with that meeting... it just kinda happened.

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Bad Bunny

March 4, 2013, midnight

Another just-before-sleepy-time sketch. I imagined him as kind of an ass-hole bugs bunny type... Except he drinks martinis and shoots Elmer Fudd in his chubby face.

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Volus Warrior

March 3, 2013, midnight

So I've had way too much exposure to Mass Effect 2 lately (yeah, I know I'm way behind. I've owned it for ever but I finally have a computer that can handle it). Awesome game, for the most part. Funny characters, entertaining action... a few pretty dull and laborious missions, but well written for the most part.

Anyway, it's full of brilliant design from alien races to spaceships to environments. One of the alien races is the Volus - they all pretty much seem like the needy, insecure type with obnoxious inferiority complexes... for some reason they remind me of a bunch of short, fat, fanatical baptist preachers. I have no idea why.

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MV Engine Voxel Concept

March 2, 2013, midnight

We already have a really basic engine voxel graphic for MetaVoxel, but (for very good reason) I am not pleased with it. So today I spent some time trying to sketch up something that's a little more like what I'd hoped for. I need to experiment with methods of making game graphics other than Illustrator, I think... everything I make with that is so... cold.

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The New Horror Of Childbirth

March 1, 2013, midnight

This one has a kinda funny story. I was playing poker with my old FOSO dorm buddies and one of them says, "hey - I had this gross idea I was talking about at lunch and somebody told me not to tell you because you'd sketch it and put it on your blog!" He then proceeded to tell me his gross idea. I then proceeded to sketch his gross idea and put it on my blog. Well, I kinda sketched it anyway - it's very rough, but only kinda gross. Maybe I'll sweeten it up later (although I always say that and almost never do...)

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