Coda: Figures & Camping

March 26, 2013, midnight

More sketches of my favorite, skinny little outlaw and his horse.

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Sketching On Laguna Beach

March 25, 2013, midnight

Visiting family in Orange County this week... What a beautiful place! My sketches can hardly account for the niceness of the environment they were intended to portray. Spent an hour or so just sitting on a bench on the beach in front of an amazingly huge resort called The Montage (no, I didn't get to actually stay in it).

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Alien Reptile

March 21, 2013, midnight

Today I made the first little scratchings of pencil in my 10th sketchbook. Starting a new sketchbook is an interesting thing... I lose an old friend, but his death is expected and peaceful, and neither of us have many regrets about it. At the same time, I get a new acquaintance, brash and ignorant, with whom I've yet to see if I'll get along.

With young little number 10, it is difficult to say, but this alien reptile head seems to say things are going to be just fine.

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Hair Cave

March 20, 2013, midnight

Hair Cave Girl - she's literally covered in hair, but not in the European sense.

Get it? Ha! (Yeah I know, it's a gross stereotype, I don't really believe it's true, it was a joke, don't get offended, etc., etc.)

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Rocket Monkey

March 19, 2013, midnight

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Coda: Desert Factory

March 15, 2013, midnight

I got inspired by one of those textures I made in my last post. As a result, I stayed up and sketched this instead of sleeping. It's still very far from being anything but a sketch (as is almost everything on this blog)... perhaps I'll come back and finish it another night.

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Texture Hunt

March 13, 2013, midnight

A couple days ago I went out for a walk with girlfriend to capture some textures for my graphics work on MetaVoxel. My hands just about froze off, but besides that we had fun poking around "downtown" Upland. Here are a few of the textures I got. The trailing couple of pictures are shots of some of the locations we went through.

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MV: Water Maze

March 10, 2013, midnight

The conceptual beginnings of a sequence of levels for MetaVoxel.

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